We now offer a youth program for kids ages 6-13!

Ninja training/competition and obstacle course racing (OCR) are two of the fastest growing youth athletic activities.  Not only are they proven to be safe, but are also outstanding recreations for instilling both confidence in children, as well as giving them a great back ground in overall athletics/fitness.

A little bit about us and our passion with this program-

The three owners of them gym are very focused on family and have young kids of their own. We see where our culture/society has failed in teaching the importance of staying active from a young age and having an athletic healthy live style.  Because of this we are very passionate about our kids, as well as the many other children in our community, being taught in their childhood developmental years ways which they can purse fitness in a fun, exciting way. We look at the big picture of teaching kids a healthy, sustainable, fun style of fitness by combining the best aspects of OCR/Ninja training into this program. Kids participating in our classes will gain skills and confidence in agility, strength, speed, body control, and overall coordination.

Bottom Right Photo -Owners and coaches Stephen and Courtney Mainprize with their children, Sawyer, Remington and Loxley.




The  'Kids NINJA program' spring session at Conquer Fitness is a total of 12 classes. These classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays over a 6 week time span.

The next session we have beings on April 3rd and ends on May 10th.


6 Week Sessions

Our 6 week, 12 class session which meets twice a week, is $195. We currently have 2 class times, 3:30pm and 4:30pm which you can sign up for below.
Price includes 'Rank' wrist band and 'mini ninja comp' on last day.
(To drop in for just one class is $25)


4 ranked skill levels

Our youth program ranking system is broken up into 4 training 'ranks/levels'- based on the individuals age, aptitude, and skill level.

Level/Rank 4- Elite NINJA/Competitive
Level/Rank 3- Shinobi
Level/Rank 2- Ronin
Level/Rank 1- Newcomer/Genin

Once a child can complete and perform all required movements from a level he or she will be rewarded with he next 'Ranks' wrist band and will achieving passage to the next level.  We will have periodic skill tests scheduled to graduate to higher levels.


1635 E 6th St. Tulsa, OK