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What is conquer fitness

Who are we?

Conquer Fitness is the first and only training center in the region to offer obstacle course training, as well as traditional weight and cardio training. Whether you’re looking to have a blast practicing your ninja skills, to work on your obstacle technique, or just get some lifting in, Conquer Fitness is the place for you! Conquer Fitness is a family owned gym operated by the same family that brought you the region’s most renowned and acclaimed obstacle course race- Conquer The Gauntlet.

Since 2011, we’ve been involved in the OCR community, building and designing unique ways for people to push and challenge themselves on our world renowned courses. Our coaches, designers, and build staff have been involved in course design and obstacle design for elite OCR's such as Conquer the Gauntlet and the OCR World Championships.  We have also been featured in OCR and American Ninja Warrior books, magazines, POD casts, TV shows, and numerous other articles and reviews.

We have the tools to provide you with a diverse range of exercises and modifications to suit all levels from beginner to advance. Our staff members at Conquer Fitness actively look for ways to enrich the lives of our members and create a community of like-minded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you healthy and in shape, without boring you with the same old lifts and movements is our goal. Scroll down to learn more about our unique gym.

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Our Facilities

As you know, not all gyms are the same. Conquer Fitness has the uniqueness of a obstacle course and ninja training gym while still providing many of the features and amenities of other gyms and training facilities. Our innovative space is at the forefront of OCR training and traditional exercise methodology and management. We’ve got what you need for the perfect workout. See what our space has to offer you. Stop by and take a tour of Conquer Fitness today.


A wide variety of obstacles seen at CTG, OCR's around the country, the OCR world championships™ and American Ninja Warrior™.

Free weight & barbells

Racks of free weights, barbells, squat racks, and weight lifting machines

Carido, Core, and Plyometrics

All kinds of sweet work out equipment to get your sweat on.

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1635 E 6th St. Tulsa, OK


1635 E 6th St. Tulsa, OK